OUV:outstanding universal value

Executive Summary

“Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining” comprise a singular ensemble of industrial heritage sites that represent the first successful transfer of industrialization from the West to a non-Western nation.
From the middle of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, Japan achieved rapid industrialization that was founded on the key industrial sectors of shipbuilding, iron and steel, and coal mining. The initial phase was one of trial and error experimentation in iron making and shipbuilding, based mostly on Western textbooks, and by copying examples of Western ships. This was followed by the more successful importation of Western technology and the expertise to operate it and, by the late Meiji period, full-blown industrialization through newly acquired domestic expertise and the active adaptation of Western technology to best suit Japanese needs and social traditions. This successful industrialization was achieved in just a little over 50 years without colonization, and on Japan’s own terms. The property is testimony to this unique phase in world history.

List of 23 Component Parts

Area Site Component Part
Hagi Hagi proto-industrial Heritage
Kagoshima Shuseikan
Nirayama Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces
Kamaishi Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site
Saga Mietsu Naval Dock Mietsu Naval Dock
Nagasaki Nagasaki Shipyard
Takashima Coal Mine
Glover House and Office Glover House and Office
Miike Miike Coal Mine and Miike Port Miike Coal Mine and Miike Port
Misumi West Port Misumi West Port
Yawata The Imperial Steel Works, Japan