TRAVEL:Travelling around the WHS

During the Meiji era, Japan achieved rapid industrialization founded on the key industrial sectors of iron and steel, shipbuilding, and coal mining. The "Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution", comprising of 23 component parts located across 8 prefectures and 11 cities, is a singular testimony to Western technology transfer and adaptation from 1850s to 1910.

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  • Manda Pit
  • Miyanohara Pit
  • Miike Port
  • Old Nagasaki Customs
  • Misumi West Port
  • Hagi Castle Town
  • Hagi Castle Town
  • The Hagi Museum
  • Hagi Meiringakusha
  • Ebisugahana Shipyard
  • Onga River Pumping Station
  • Onga River Pumping Station
  • Onga River Pumping Station
  • Yabegawa Bridge
  • Yabegawa Bridge
  • Giant Cantilever Crane
  • Hashima
  • Glover
  • Amakusa Five Bridge